Connected Retail. Connected Retail.

Connected Retail.

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Connected Retail. Delivered by Fujitsu.

A new world is emerging, where everyone and everything is interlinked, constantly sharing information. Our hyper-connected world forms the foundation of modern retail and it enables retailing without barriers for a new, empowered consumer. This is Connected Retail.

In response, Fujitsu is focusing on three core capabilities that ultimately deliver retailers a differentiated customer experience:

  • Innovative retail solutions - to support and future-proof the customer experience in today's multichannel world; this includes Fujitsu Market Place - our omni-channel PoS application- and new solutions from our innovation labs in Japan.
  • Connected enterprise - linking applications, information and communication within the store, between the front and back office, and between multiple vendors to deliver a seamless and integrated customer journey, including enterprise solutions, and outcome-based enterprise services.
  • Global delivery - the assets and capabilities to deliver consistent cross-border solutions.

Fujitsu is delivering comprehensive value for over 500 retailers in 52 countries and powering over 82,000 stores worldwide. With more than 30 years' experience in retail and a broad portfolio of retail solutions backed by enterprise ICT products and services, we are in a unique position to deliver Connected Retail.

Fujitsu offers high-performance, best-of-breed hardware solutions, integrated software applications and multi-vendor lifecycle support services to help retailers around the world deliver on their brand promise and operate more effectively.

To learn more about the National Retail Federation, you can do so here

Fujitsu Retail Team

Tammy Syme-Savage
Director, Brand, Programs, Campaigns & Events

Marc Janssens
EVP, Product and Retail

Victoria Hansen
Director Corporate Communications Social Media & PR

Bob Brower
VP Retail Sales

Pat Majerus
Senior Director, Development

Mihaela Givulescu
VP, Software Operations

Geoff Chaplin
Retail PoS Hardware Solutions Director

David Concordel
Vice President, Head of Retail Solutions

Richard Parnell
Director, Global Retail Software Operations

Richard Clarke
Vice President, Global Retail Strategy and Portfolio Development

Dave Allen
Retail SCO Solutions Director

Rowan Cape
Vice President, Global Retail Software Solutions

Steve Morgan
Mobile for Retail Solution Development Manager

Brian Yates
Director Retail Product Management

Paul Burel
Retail Product Consulting Director

Jeremy Janssens
Retail & Cloud Field Programs Specialist

John Parsons
Systems Engineer