Connected Retail.

Understand your customer

Understand your customer

The power to know your customers better

Retailers are highly focused on better understanding their customers so they can gain greater value. The more you know your customers, the better your chance of meeting their needs and developing longterm relationships.

Today’s customers expect a great experience, and they’re not afraid let people know when they don’t get it. Retailers who miss the mark also lose the sale. Increased customer power can be countered with shrewd loyalty strategies.

We can help you grow the value of customer interactions by understanding their needs and preferences, allowing your employees to understand when to sell and when to give them the time to browse. We can provide a consistent, powerful omni-channel capability which increases your availability, reach and customer knowledge.

Integrated with your core business systems, Fujitsu’s technology means you can confidently cope with anything, anytime, anywhere.

Fujitsu can help to grow your business through:

  • Analysing your customer data
  • Improving customer experience
  • Driving brand loyalty
  • Using social clientelling
  • Using In-store navigation

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Germany, Hannover
Im Rahmen beeindruckender Lokationen mit außergewöhnlichen Überraschungen können Sie die innovativen und marktweisenden Fujitsu Storage-Lösungen im Detail kennenlernen und erleben. Dabei werden wir Ihnen auch die Weltneuheiten – unsere neuesten Gipfelstürmer – präsentieren, damit Sie auch in der Welt der Digitalisierung immer die höchsten Gipfel erklimmen können.
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